Manufacturers To The Signage Industry

Manufacturers To The Signage Industry

Manufacturers To The Signage Industry

Manufacturers To The Signage Industry

Manufacturers To The Signage Industry

Manufacturers To The Signage Industry

We are the place Signage Professionals come to for their Architectural Signage. The people we work with are Project Managers, Sign Retailers and Consultants to make the signs their client’s need. We are 100% Factory Based to support our Customers – not compete with them in their market. Our work typically ends up in Low and High Rise Apartments, Motels, Hospitals, Universities and Government projects.


Over 25 Years Of History

RIM Industries is located in Sydney’s South West and has been proudly serving the sign industry Australia-wide for over 25 years.

Our skilled staff take great pride in their work. We are well regarded for our quality service and workmanship which is evident in our long running relationships with our customers.

Whilst the sign trade form the majority of our work, we also manufacture for clients involved in electrical switchboards, trailer manufacturing, elevators, certification and engineering, equipment hire, military and nuclear science.

Whatever the requirement, we have the broad experience to work with you to achieve the best result.


Braille & Tactile

Custom Made to Suit the Client’s Design

We offer cost effective acrylic substrates in solid colours to metallic finishes such as satin natural anodise, brushed anodised finish, #4 stainless steel finish, linished brass, satin brass, and bronzes.

They feature durable surfaces that don’t show finger marks easily so they look good for longer. Where required the panels can be produced in 2pac painted finishes to suit the client’s design brief. All tactile features rounded top edges. Other processes can be combined to achieve the desired treatment.


Rotary Engraving

Engrave and Paint Fill Acrylic, Aluminium, Stainless Steel & more

We rotary engrave and paint fill the two most popular substrates – Satin Natural Anodise Aluminum (SNA) and #4 finish Stainless Steel. We can also offer other substrates such as pre-coloured finishes in stainless steel and anodised aluminium as well as acrylic.

Other processes can be combined to achieve the desired treatment such as:

  • 2pac painted panels + engrave & paint fill (paint-on-paint) to meet the client’s colour requirements
  • 2pac painted panels + engrave and paint fill + braille & tactile + digital print
  • Apartment number panels requiring engraved shadow line patterns
  • Engrave only for harsh environment signs and measurement signs




Cutting, Engraving Marking of Acrylic, Stainless Steel, Traff and more

We have CO2 lasers for cutting & engraving and fibre lasers for direct marking to acrylics and stainless steel.

Materials we can laser cut are acrylic, PETG, laminates and veneers (where suitable), aluminium, brass, stainless and mild steel, and paper to name a few.

Materials we can direct laser mark are stainless steel, some acrylics and specialty plastics.

Materials we can laser engrave are engraving laminates (known as ‘Traff’, Gravoply etc) and acrylic.



Shaping of ACM, Acrylic, Aluminium, Polycarbonate, PVC and more

Our routing table is used in many facets of production. It is used to produce shallow channel letters, panels requiring cut outs such as light box panels, TV totems, intercom totems, control panels etc, along with the usual profile cutting of ACM, Acrylic, Aluminium sheet and plate, as well as PVC, Polycarbonate and other non-laserable substrates.


2pac Painting

Part of our Finishing Process or Yours

We 2pac paint many items we produce. In fact, our paint section is always in high demand.
Over time we have formulated 2pac paint colours to replace the anodised process opening up many more money and lead-time saving options for our customer’s to offer their clients.
We only use quality brand paint products from PPG and Dulux and have amassed quite a library of PMS colour match formulas over the decades.



Frames, Letters, Lightboxes, Static & TV Totems & more

We almost exclusively fabricate in Aluminium and Acrylic – they give the best all round performance when it comes to strength, weight, corrosion resistance, machining and ease of finishing.
We don’t make oversize structures such as Pylon signs. This keeps us focussed on Architectural signage – what we do best.



Print & Apply, Print Only, Labels and more

We can supply printed media from panels to stickers and decal strips ready laid up to make your installer’s job on site easier.

The vast majority of what we print ends up applied to substrates for a range of flat panel signs such as apartment numbers, directionals, statutory signs, carpark and traffic signs, evacuation and block plans, safety signs, site project signs etc. These are mostly supplied with double sided tape to the rear for a quick peel and stick solution for your installers.

We can also provide vinyl sets laid up with registration marks to aid in installation.


Cut Material

Guillotine, Panel Saw, Laser or Router Cut to Order

Are you a Sign shop and just need material cut? We are happy to supply cut material for you to finish.

We carry:

  • 3mm ACM in common colours
  • Acrylic in 1.5,2,3,4.5,6,8,10,12,15,20,25,30mm in common colours and finishes
  • Aluminium sheet in mill finish and natural Anodised finish from 0.9mm to 20mm
  • Colorbond steel 0.55mm in white
  • Foam PVC from 3mm to 25mm with 10mm and up smooth skin as well as black and white
  • PETG clear sheet in 0.75mm thick
  • Polycarbonate clear in 3, 4.5 and 6mm
  • Stainless steel sheet in both 304 #4 and 316 #4 finishes 0.9, 1.2,1.5 and 3mm, plus non-directional finish.
  • Left overs – we need to buy full sheets for projects and often have left overs in special finishes such as Rimex stainless steel so check with us – we can save you hundreds of dollars.

We also have available materials we use in production such as ‘traff’ (engraving laminate), various substrates such as anodised aluminum (various colours), painted aluminium and more.

Our stock of extrusion includes angles, SHS, RHS, CHS (tube) and some specialty extrusions.

We also have great buying power and sell adhesive tapes and construction glue.